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Do you want more clients? Are you struggling to find high paying buyers for your phones? Or are you looking for people selling phones?

    Learn How GetConstantClients Can Get You Buyers Or Suppliers Today

    What You Will Get After Purchasing:

    #1: Email List

    You will receive an email list with over 10,000 people in this business who are active in buying or selling phones.

    #2: Buyer List

    You will receive the company information of some of the top buyers of this industry. Dubai, Hong Kong, France, United States, etc. Buyers will be from everywhere. Over 500 Buyers.

    #3: Seller List

    You will receive the company information of some of the top sellers of this industry. People who buy phones cheap from Craigslist, OfferUp, etc. There will also be wholesale dealers who have reliable tested product as well.

    What You Receive Every Month After:

    #1: Constant Clients

    Every single day of the month, your information is being spread to buyers and sellers all over the world. This will lead to tons of new business.


    #2: Better Prices

    When we go to a buyer overseas or here in US and let them know we have tons of people who want to sell to them, they will provide better pricing in return for hundreds of clients. We form agreements with these buyers so as long as your our member, you will continue to recieve their top prices.

    #3: A Minimized List

    In your first month you will be handed thousands of connections. But, after reaching out to everyone, you don’t want to contact everyone again and again. You just want the best buyer. So we will provide a minimized list of 10-20 companies with best pricing. Watch video for explanation.

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    Frequently Asked Questions


    If this is a list of contacts, why is this a monthly service?:  Buyers are not consistent. One day they pay $500 another they are paying $460. Then you will compare to another list, someone still paying $490. You will CONSISTENTLY need new buyers for the best prices. If your getting 50 phones a week, if we get you another buyer paying even $20 higher, we are making you $1000 extra monthly. Every month your information will be spread to thousands of buyers and sellers in the industry. You will receive tons of new contacts and will be able to generate thousands of dollars of revenue with them. At the end of each month, we will provide a list of buyers/sellers with the best pricing. WE WILL NEGOTIATE WITH BUYERS to pay our members more. So as long as your our client, our buyers will continue to pay you high prices!


     Are these buyers and sellers going to deal with me?: There are THOUSANDS of valuable connections in this list. If one person won’t want to deal, another will.


     Will you point us to the best buyers?: Yes! That’s why were a monthly service! Every month we reach out to hundreds of the best buyers and try to get them to give our sellers price lists at the best prices. We form agreements with some of the best buyers so as long as your our member, they will pay more!